The Sniff

Dog Smell Removal Technology

  • How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

    Humans love to bathe at least once a day, often times more than that.  How often should humans be bathing their pups? Dogs do not require as much bathing as humans.  However, nobody likes a dirty dog smell.  How often you should be bathing your dog depends on multiple factors such as activity lev...
  • Why is pH Important in Pet Products?

    Dog’s skin is made much differently than humans.  Many pet owners assume that if their shampoo is safe for them it is safe for their dogs as well.  This is not the case! The reality is even baby shampoo is 150 times too acidic for dog’s skin. So what is the pawfect pH level for my pup?     The ...
  • Ready to Eliminate the Dirty Dog Smell Once and For All?

    The Sniff Solution: A Patented OdorSynthesis Technology that eliminates malodors from the air.  Find out how it works.