The Sniff

  • Potty Training Tales

    Welcome home new puppy! Everything is cute until your carpet and furniture are covered in stains, right?  No need to fear.  Dr. Sniff is here to help! As you know, our mission is to eliminate the stink between man’s best friend and man.  Here are some essentials for potty training and keeping you...
  • Dr. Sniff's Tips to Be an Eco Friendly Pet Parent

    Find out how to take care of the planet while taking care of your pet.
  • Get Your Dream Coat, You Deserve It!

    Are you ready to have the coat of your dreams? It's time to have the softest, shiniest, and most lustrous coat ever.  Meet my Dream Coat Conditioner.  I combined nature's best ingredients such as organic coconut oil, organic sesame seed oil and argan oil to naturally enhance your coat's natural s...