How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

Humans love to bathe at least once a day, often times more than that.  How often should humans be bathing their pups? Dogs do not require as much bathing as humans.  However, nobody likes a dirty dog smell.  How often you should be bathing your dog depends on multiple factors such as activity level, hair type, hair length, skin conditions, and allergies.

Long-haired dogs should be bathed more frequently because their hair can trap dirt and debris.  Outdoor dogs that enjoy playing outside, digging holes, rolling in the grass, and swimming require more baths than indoor dogs.  If your dog has skin allergies or issues contact your vet before bathing to be sure the products you use are safe for your pup's skin. 

Always use products made for pets during their bath time.  Never use human products.  Dog’s skin is much more sensitive than human skin, so having a pet pH balanced product is important to reduce irritation and harmful reactions.  My sulfate-free shampoo is the best! It is perfectly pet pH balanced.

Bath time is a good time to check your pup for any skin irritations, ticks, bumps, or anything out of the ordinary.  Pay attention during bath time and contact your vet if you discover a problem area. 

At the very least dogs should be bathed once every three months.  However, if your pup is active, loves to play outside, and is curious like me, I recommend a bath every other week. 

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