Why is pH Important in Pet Products?

Dog’s skin is made much differently than humans.  Many pet owners assume that if their shampoo is safe for them it is safe for their dogs as well.  This is not the case! The reality is even baby shampoo is 150 times too acidic for dog’s skin.

So what is the pawfect pH level for my pup?



The optimal pH level in pets is 7.0-7.52 while the optimal pH level in humans is 5.2-5.5


Dog’s skin is very susceptible to skin infections if their pH is disrupted. Human epidermis is close to twice the thickness of dogs.  Dog’s epidermis can easily be stripped away by topical products that are not pH balanced for their skin.  Using improperly balanced products can result in inflammation and irritation. 


Always check your labels to ensure the shampoo, soap, conditioner, or any other topical product is safe for your pup. 


Dr. Sniff formulated all of his products to be pawfectly pet pH balanced.  The proper pH level not only is safe for your furry friends but also ensure the products perform better.  Your pets will be happy and healthy and you will love the way the look, feel, and smell!



Use caution:

Baby shampoo is approximately 150 times more acidic to a dog’s epidermis.

Dish soap is approximately 250 times more alkaline to a to a dog’s epidermis.

Baking soda is approximately 130 times more alkaline to a dog’s epidermis.

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