The Sniff

Dog Smell Removal Technology

  • Potty Training Tales

    Welcome home new puppy! Everything is cute until your carpet and furniture are covered in stains, right?  No need to fear.  Dr. Sniff is here to help! As you know, our mission is to eliminate the stink between man’s best friend and man.  Here are some essentials for potty training and keeping you...
  • Don't Be Dry, No Excuses!

    Dr. Sniff Hydrating Leave-In Spray to hydrate, soften, and add shine to all coats!
  • Puppy Prep: Everything You Need to Know About Bringing Home a New Puppy

    What an exciting time!  You are welcoming a new furry friend into your home.  Bringing home a puppy is a momentous and memorial occasion.  Of course, you want your home to be pawfect, cozy, safe, and happy for your new addition.  I have pulled together some tips for making the transition easy!  M...