Not a fan of baths? Check this out!

Meet my Waterless Shampoo.  This stuff is a total game changer.  I know some of us pups really do not like bath time and we hate making our pawrents mad when we make their bathrooms all dirty.  Here is the #SniffSolution.  A totally Waterless Shampoo.  Simply spray on your coat and brush through.  Sounds too good to be true? It’s not.  I combined a complex of organic jojoba seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, argan oil and niaouli oil to cleanse, soothe, nourish, and protect coats. Of course I added in my Patented OdorSynthesis Technology to completely eliminate any stink!  You will be all fresh. 


Oh the things you can do with my Waterless Shampoo!  Bring it in the car for dirty days at the park or on the trails.  Pack it for a weekend trip to Grandma’s house.  It’s so easy you can use it every night to wash off the germs and dirt from a day of playing. You might be so clean and smell so fresh your pawrents will let you sleep with them!


My Doctor’s Orders are to follow up with my Hydrating Leave-In Spray for totally waterless cleansing and hydration.  I love this stuff and I hope you do too! 

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