Tips to Train a Golden Doodle Puppy

Golden Doodles have potential to be the greatest family dogs and wonderful pets and companions.  Training a golden doodle puppy can be intimidating, but do not fear!  Golden Doodles are a cross between two of the most intelligent dog breeds: golden retriever and poodle.  Training a Golden Doodle puppy simply takes commitment.  Puppies are already an expensive investment, so here are some great tips and tricks to training Golden Doodles that will help you avoid the cost of high priced training. 

Focus on training your Golden Doodle puppy in stages based on their age.  During the first 30 days of their life, their senses are developing.  Puppies are born blind so this time period is when the puppy's mother exposes and guides them through early sensory development of sight and touch.  

A Golden Doodle puppy is capable of potty training from 1-4 months old. When they reach the three month marker, they are full of energy.  Potty training is most effective during this time using positive reinforcement.  Remember your puppy is still a baby and negative reinforcement, or scolding will only scare them.  They are not yet to connect their actions with punishment.  Start with basic commands.  Use a positive word, phrase. or sound to praise your puppy.  Consistency is key.  Once you choose a word or phrase, stick with it. Using the same marker along with other positive reinforcement such as a treat helps the puppy begin to associate the treat with the positive behavior, like going to the bathroom outside. Use the word or phrase wit the positive reinforcement early and often, so that the puppy will begin to do the command without having to be told.  Puppies are baby dogs, and they will have accidents, chew things, get into the trash, etc. while they are still learning.  Rather than scolding them at this age, correct them and praise them with positive reinforcement when they do something correct. Expose your puppy to as many new people and places during this time as possible.  If your puppy seems anxious or scared introduce things at a slower pace. 

Around 4 months old, golden doodle puppies will begin developing personal preferences.  Make your puppy feel safe and secure in all environments.  After they have received all of their shots, it is safe to introduce puppies to dog parks, day care, and play groups.  Socialize your puppy at the rate they are comfortable with it.  Forcing a puppy to interact with other people, place, and animals can hurt the bond between you and your puppy.  This is a great age to start to introduce your puppy to water, at their own pace.  

Golden Doodle puppies will start retaining commands such as sit and stay at this age. A great way to teach your dog to stay is have them sit in front of a closed door.  Open the door slightly and command them to stay.  If they do not, shut the door.  Keep repeating until the puppy stay seated until the door is all the way open. Many pet parents struggle with teaching their puppy not to jump.  A great way to avoid this is when they are young do not great them unless they are seated with all four paws on the floor.  When you enter your home, tell them to sit, and only pet them and greet them when they are seated with all four paws on the floor. 

When training a Golden Doodle puppy, be mindful of their age and their stages of development and understanding.  Allow them to be introduced to new things at the pace they are comfortable with.  Always remember, consistency is key!

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