The Quick Bath

The Quick Bath

Bath time does not have to be a struggle.  Dr. Sniff knows pups would rather be playing than be in the tub, but baths are essential for coat and skin health.  Dr. Sniff believes in #HealthyCoatsForAll, and not having enough time is not an acceptable excuse for a dirty pup.  The Sniff Solution is a line of easy to use hard working, natural based products to make at home grooming stress a thing of the past. 

Depending on the activity level and coat type of your pup you may need bathe as frequently as once a week.  A good rule of thumb is having a bath once a month, with lots of brushing in between for our long haired friends.   Bathing too frequently can strip your pups coat of natural oils and result in dry itchy or flaky skin.  The goal is to maintain the health of your pups coat and skin and overall wellbeing that results from keeping your pup clean.

***Pro tip: Use The Sniff Test.  Does your pup stink? Are your friends hesitant to pet? If so, it is time for a bath!

Steps to follow:

Brush first

Use the Dr. Sniff Don’t Be Knotty Detangling Spray to work through tough tangles and mats.  Simply spray the solution directly onto the knot, massage in with your fingers, and brush through. 

Check the water temperature

Not too hot, not too cold.  Think of drawing a bath for a baby and follow the same temperature. Hot water can burn dogs more easily so use caution.

Wash with Dr. Sniff Silky Coat Shampoo

Dr. Sniff formulated this shampoo with the power of natural ingredients such as Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Argan Oil, and Organic Neem Seed and Leaf Extract.  This Silky Coat Shampoo is pet pH balanced for optimal performance and uses a patented odor synthesis technology that does not simply mask malodors, but rather eliminates them completely. 

Apply shampoo all over head to tail, bring to a lather.  Massage your pup for ultimate soothing.  Rinse out until water runs clear.

Finish with Dr. Sniff Detangler Spray as a conditioner substitute. 

This magic spray not only eliminates knots and tangles, but it also works as a leave in conditioner.  After your pups bath, towel dry and spray Dr. Sniff Detangler all over fur.  Brush through and you’re done! 

No time wasted in the tub.  Your pups coat will be nourished, refreshed, and softened.  Your pup will look, feel, and smell much better!

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