How to Groom a Golden Doodle

Four out of five doodle owners think maintenance and grooming is harder than they expected.  Many pet parents do not know where to begin to properly care for their pups curly coat.  Doodle owners want their pup to have a long luscious healthy coat.  Both pet parents, and their pups dread a shave-down at the groomer.  Pups with straight coats have easier maintenance.  A classic bath with shampoo and conditioner and a good brushing can do the trick.  However, poodles, doodle mixes, and curly haired dog owners know the struggle of matted fur.  

Matting is caused when the coat tangles and wraps around itself, and creates a tight knot of both loose dead fur, and fur still attached to the skin.  If mats are not brushed out they grow closer to the animals skin and can become very painful. Often times, pet parents bathe their dogs and do not brush out  and dry the coat after, which can cause matting.  Many pet parents are unaware of their pups matting, and face disappointment when the groomer explains their pup needs to be shaved.  

Thankfully, Dr. Sniff makes for our curly-coat friends easy.  Grooming at home not only prevents painful matting and shave-downs, but lengthens the time between visits to the groomer. Here is how to properly groom your golden doodle, or curly haired pup at home.  

1. Check The Coat For Matting

Before bathing your pup feel around the coat for matting.  If you find a mat, feel the distance between the mat and the skin.  If the mat is attached to the skin and you cannot get a finger in between you should consult your groomer or veterinarian before bathing at home to prevent further pain. 

2.  Work Through the Mats

If your pup has some matting that is not attached to the skin, take some time to care for those mats before bathing.  If you wash and condition your pup without brushing through the mats first, they can actually tighten. Spray Dr. Sniff Don't Be Knotty Detangling Spray directly onto the mat.  Rub the product in with your fingers, and massage deep into the knot.  Brush through starting at the end of the fur.  

2. Bath Time!

Bathe your pup with lukewarm water.  Pro tip- put some peanut butter on the rim of the tub for distraction.  Use Dr. Sniff Sulfate-Free Shampoo to cleanse the coat, bring to a lather, and rinse thoroughly.  Follow with Dr. Sniff Dream Coat Conditioner.  Massage evenly through the coat, and rinse thoroughly. Let your pup shake the excess water, then towel dry the coat. 

 3.  Brush, Brush, Brush

Dr. Sniff Don't Be Knotty Detangling Spray is your secret weapon and best friend.  This spray works as a detangler and a leave-in conditioner, and leaves that curly coat hydrated, softened, and tangle-free.  Spray Detangling Spray evenly over the coat and brush through.  If your dog has some mats, spray directly onto mat, massage the product in with your fingers, and then brush through.  

best detangler for golden doodles

4. Dry

Dry the coat with a blow dryer or let your pup air dry. 

For the healthiest coat, use Dr. Sniff Detangling Spray with regular brushing.  Dr. Sniff recommends brushing with detangling spray at least once a week to prevent matting. 

Avoid painful matting and embarrassing shave-downs with Dr. Sniff.  Created by Doodles for Doodles.



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