Tear Stain Remover

  • $14.99
  • EFFECTIVE STAIN SOLUTION - Our gentle tear stain remover penetrates your pet's hair structure, eliminating tear & saliva stains. The formula breaks up dirt, debris, & dried eye fluids, cleansing away discoloration for a vibrant, stain-free coat on your pets.
  • ORGANIC ALOE VERA & COCONUT OIL - Our tear stain remover, made with 99.9% natural ingredients, harnesses the power of organic aloe vera & coconut oil for soothing, moisturizing effects while effectively reducing discoloration, puffiness & dark circles around your pet's eyes.
  • REGULAR USE - Our gentle formula is ideal for daily application to prevent reoccurrence, ensuring beautiful, stain-free fur.
  • SIMPLE APPLICATION - Saturate a cotton ball, gently rub affected area; use separate clean cotton ball for each stained spot. Repeat for stubborn stains.
  • USA-MADE & SAFE FORMULA - Our tear stain remover, manufactured in an FDA-audited, cGMP compliant facility in the USA, features gentle, fragrance & paraben-free ingredients, ensuring a natural, effective solution for cleansing & removing pet tear stains without harsh irritants.