Organic Brush-in Shine Waterless Shampoo

  • $24.99
Keep your furry friend clean in between baths with Kibble Pet Brush-In Shine Waterless Pet Shampoo in Aloe Vera and Honey or Warm Vanilla and Amber scents. This product soothes, nourishes, and protects your pup's coat against environmental exposure with organic jojoba seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, argan oil, and niaouli oil. Made from natural and organic ingredients, this formula is designed for waterless bathing with no need to rinse. Our products are pH balanced for optimal performance and hypoallergenic, so it is safe for sensitive sidekicks. This shampoo also leaves behind a light, long-lasting scent to keep your paw-tner smelling fresh. Kibble Pet Brush-In Shine Waterless Pet Shampoo uses no sodium lauryl sulfate, toxins, harsh soaps, parabens, grains, or petroleum for a safe and reliable option for your companion.