Waterless Shampoo Spray

  • $11.99
Dr. Sniff Waterless Shampoo for pets cleanses dog and cat hair and fur without water. This waterless shampoo is pH balanced and a safe waterless shampoo for dogs and cats. All pets deserve a clean coat even when their parents do not have time to give them a bath. Simply spray on waterless shampoo and brush through to remove oil, dirt, grime and odor. For cats, spray Dr. Sniff Waterless Shampoo onto a cloth or directly onto the brush and brush through. Busy pet parents know professional grooming is expensive, and time consuming. Dr. Sniff’s at home dog and cat grooming tools are easy to use, so you can lengthen time between visits to the groomer. This product is created with a complex of organic ingredients including organic jojoba seed oil, organic red raspberry seed oil, argan oil and organic niaouli oil. Dr. Sniff Waterless Shampoo is proudly made in small batches in the USA.